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Eugene Frank started cutting wood with his grandfather. He started out using a horse for skidding and a swede saw for cutting. He had sawdust in his blood ever since. He carried on the family tradition with his son, Chris. Chris recalls, "When I turned five or six, my dad would have me carry the marking pole. By the age of 12 or 13, I was running the chainsaw."

Franks Logging was started when Eugene quit his job at the Badger Paper Mill in Peshtigo. Chris soon joined him in forming the corporation. By 1990 the Frank family bought their first forwarder and in 1996 they bought their first log truck.

Today, Franks Logging operates multiple Ponsse teams and seven log trucks. They also have subcontracted cutting and hauling crews.

Franks also has an excavation division of the company, Firewood Depot and Eagle Express Truck Stop.

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Franks Logging - Timber Harvesting

Franks Logging Inc.
N2467 Koronkiewicz Lane
Peshtigo, Wisconsin 54157
Ph. (715)-582-3193

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